Hand-Stitched Buttonhole

What you’ll need: A piece of fabric A needle Thread A button Fabric marker or chalk (I used a pencil) Scissors For this little tutorial I have just used a scrap piece of calico fabric to demonstrate. However, you can practice this technique or stitch straight onto the fabric you will be using. The first… Continue reading Hand-Stitched Buttonhole


The Blanket Stitch

Here’s what you’ll need to get started on the blanket stitch: Fabric (I’ll be using felt) A needle Thread Pins Scissors     The first step we will do is to pin together our fabrics. I have used acrylic felt for this demonstration but you can use the fabric of your choice. With your needle… Continue reading The Blanket Stitch

Small Projects

Handmade Felt Money Pouch

So the first little project I’m going to share with you is a handmade felt money pouch. These work great as presents but they also work as a handy and safe little pocket for you to keep your money in. You can really make this project personal to yourself or who ever you are making… Continue reading Handmade Felt Money Pouch


Welcome To My Blog!

Hi there! Welcome to my blog, my little corner of the internet! I am very excited to start writing and sharing my fun, unique projects and handmade gifts with you! I will try to make each tutorial as simple as I can so everyone can join in! I’m pretty much a hoarder when it comes… Continue reading Welcome To My Blog!