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Butterfly Hairclip

2015-11-15 13.56.17

Need a new hair accessory? Or a quick DIY present?

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • Two pieces of cotton fabric (9.5cm x 7cm)
  • Hair clip
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Pins
  • Bobbin
  • Sewing machine (this project can be sewn by hand as well)
  • Glue gun

Start by taking the two rectangles of fabric and fold the edges in by 1cm. Place the rectangles back to back so the folds are on the inside and stitch together with a small running stitch.

2015-11-11 13.30.39
2015-11-11 13.32.11
2015-11-11 13.40.46
2015-11-11 14.07.52

Fold your rectangle in half. Bring the top right corner down to the bottom right corner, keeping one side of the fabric where it is. Flatten the fold and you’ll have formed a triangle.

2015-11-11 14.51.42
2015-11-11 14.52.11

The next step is to achieve this shape on the other side. Do this by holding the bottom right corner of the top two layers. Push the bottom left corner back to meet the fold and reform the triangle by pushing the top left corner to meet the centre.

2015-11-11 14.53.00

Hold the fabric at the point and half the triangle. Flatten the sides into triangles and you’ll see the wings form. Using your glue gun, dab a few spots of glue in the centre to keep the shape together.

2015-11-11 14.53.30
2015-11-11 14.54.01
2015-11-11 15.02.53
2015-11-11 15.05.29
2015-11-11 15.05.41
2015-11-11 15.10.22

Additional Step!

An additional step is to add antennae to our butterfly. For that will need a small piece of thin metal (I used jewelry wire). Bend the wire in half and, using jewelry pliers, bend the tops round to make small spirals. Glue this into place on the butterfly.

2015-11-11 15.23.18
2015-11-11 15.25.02
2015-11-11 15.25.17
2015-11-11 15.31.48

The final step is to attach our butterfly to the clip. Dab a spot of glue from your glue gun to the top of the hair clip and place your butterfly on top.

2015-11-11 15.11.08
2015-11-11 15.11.16
2015-11-15 13.53.03

A further step is to fold back the wings slightly and glue them in place (this just makes the wings more pronounced).

2015-11-15 13.53.47
2015-11-15 13.54.12
2015-11-15 13.55.35

And there you have it! A cute butterfly hairclip for all ages! If you have a go don’t forget to share your makes with us on Instagram @aboxofbuttons or on Twitter @aBoxofButtons! See you next time!

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