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Pink Polka Dot Hair Bow


Need a new hair accessory? What better way to accessorize than with a bow? And a pink polka dot one at that!

What you’ll need:IMG_0079

  • Fabric scrap (Big enough for a rectangle of 10cm x 20cm)

  • Ribbon

  • Hair clip

  • Fabric Shears

  • Glue gun



Our first step is to cut our fabric. For this hair bow, cut a rectangle out of your fabric measuring 10cm x 20cm. Once you have your rectangle, go ahead and fold over the longest sides into the middle by 2cm on each side.


Now, we’re going to fold the shorter sides into the middle and dab a little bit of glue underneath the joining line to keep the fabric in place. This should make a small rectangle with all of the raw edges tucked out of the way.


Fold your rectangle in half long ways and pinch the front, dot a bit of glue in the crease on the back.


To create the bow, fold the two edges back on themselves and glue to the middle fold we made in the previous step.


Now for the finishing touches! Time to add the ribbon. I’ve cut off 10cm of ribbon for this step. Glue the very end of the ribbon onto the centre of the bow.


Wrap the ribbon around the centre of the bow (this will hide the raw edges and that middle joining).


Open the clip and wrap the ribbon around it. I also used a little bit of glue just to make sure the clip stayed in place.


Then fold the end of the ribbon over and tuck it underneath the bow and we’re done!


And we have a very quick and cute hair accessory!

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