Big Projects

Up-Cycled Dresser

Bored of having your dresser one colour? Or changing the décor in your room? Why not spruce up your chest of drawers with a bit of paint! What we’ll need: Furniture Paint (I used Vinyl Matt paint for interior walls) Small paint brush Paint Roller Tray Small chisel (Not necessary) Screwdriver (the type of one… Continue reading Up-Cycled Dresser

Baking Projects

Mini Pink and White Donuts

Fancy a little treat? Try these delightful mini donuts, perfect to satisfy your sweet tooth! ~Makes 18 Mini Donuts~ What you’ll need: 1 egg 80g caster sugar 1tbsp melted butter 1tbsp vegetable oil 1tsp vanilla extract 170g plain flour (I used a gluten free blend plain flour) ½tsp baking powder Pinch of salt For the… Continue reading Mini Pink and White Donuts

Seasonal Projects

Valentine’s Surprise Cupcakes

Only two days to go until Valentine’s Day! Stuck for a present? Why not bake a special cupcake for your special someone! For the icing: White fondant (or pink) Food Colouring (I’m going to be using pink and red) Small Heart Cutter Rolling Pin Cocktail Stick   . Let’s get straight into the making! The… Continue reading Valentine’s Surprise Cupcakes

Seasonal Projects

Valentine’s Chocolate Lollipops

In need of a quick DIY Valentine’s gift? Why not try our sweet and sour heart shaped lollipops! Here’s what you’ll need: Sour strawberry straws White chocolate Hundreds and thousands decorations Lollipop sticks Baking tray Baking parchment . Our first step is to create the heart shape out of the strawberry straw, we’ll do this… Continue reading Valentine’s Chocolate Lollipops