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Easter Egg Basket

2016-03-16 10.50.07

Planning an Easter egg hunt? Make this cute fabric basket as a great way to hold all of your treats!

2016-03-02 10.57.17

What we’ll need:

  • Rope/cord 15 metres
  • Fabric – I’ve used five different pastel shades of cotton polka dot, roughly a fat quatre of each
  • Fabric shears
  • Sewing machine – not necessary but it speeds up the process
  • Thread
  • Hot glue gun

Let’s get started!

Firstly we will need to cut our fabric. I cut my fabric into strips measuring roughly 2.5cm x 20cm. Your cutting doesn’t have to be exact as the edges will be hidden anyway.

2016-03-02 12.07.11
2016-03-02 12.08.47

Once you have lots of strips cut out, you can start to sew them together. Decide on the order you want the fabric to go in and then join the ends together using a running stitch on a sewing machine.

2016-03-02 12.10.00

The amount of strips I sewed together at once was five which made it easier to wrap around the rope!

2016-03-02 12.14.29

Now take one end of the long joined fabric strip we just made and sew it onto the very start of the rope. I just did a few running stitches and went back over them to secure it in place.

2016-03-02 12.16.34

We can begin wrapping the fabric around the rope. Wrap the rope quite tightly with the fabric and secure with a few stitches after you’ve wrapped two colours around.

2016-03-02 12.17.39
2016-03-02 12.19.52

Repeat this process until you have quite a bit of the rope wrapped. Try folding the strips in half for a more scrappy look.

2016-03-09 14.10.20

Then we can start creating the basket shape. To do this, start curling in the end that we started with into a spiral. Apply a small amount of glue so that it stays in place.

Keep wrapping the rope around in a spiral shape and glue it in place, this will create the base of the basket. I’ve made the base about the size of my hand.

2016-03-09 14.26.09

Once you are satisfied with the size of the base, start to layer the rope up on the outer edge. This will create the walls of the basket.

2016-03-09 14.29.49
2016-03-09 14.32.50

Repeat this until you are happy with the height of the basket. You may need to cut out more fabric strips and do some more wrapping! Cut off the leftover rope and set aside. Also using glue instead of thread will make the basket sturdier which is brilliant if you are making this basket for children!

2016-03-16 10.23.38
2016-03-16 10.32.57

With some of the remanding rope, we will make the handle. Do the exact same process to make the handle as you did to make the basket.

2016-03-16 10.34.04

However, instead of wrapping the rope in a spiral we will just layer it back on itself to make a thick handle.

2016-03-16 10.36.51
2016-03-16 10.40.29

Whilst the glue is drying, bend the handle into shape ready to be attached onto the main bowl of the basket.

2016-03-16 10.40.46

Take one of the ends of the handle and apply a liberal amount of glue. Hold it against the inside of the basket near the top until it is set.

2016-03-16 10.41.13

Do the same to the other end of the handle but make sure you glue it to the basket directly opposite the positioning of the other end.

2016-03-16 10.43.34

And there we have it! Now we just need to fill it up with Easter treats! I hope you’ve enjoyed making this project with me! If you have a go don’t forget to share your makes with us on Instagram @aboxofbuttons or on Twitter @aBoxofButtons! See you next time!

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