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Seashell Photoframe


Now that summer is over and visits to the beach will become less frequent, why not savour your summer memories by making this really easy and fun DIY seashell photoframe? The perfect excuse to collect shells!

What you’ll need:2016-08-28-11-22-33

  • 1 photoframe

  • Glue gun or strong glue

  • Seashells

  • Paint (optional)



  1. Our first step is to prepare our photoframe ready for the shells! If you’re happy with the colour of your frame you can go straight onto the next step but I wanted my frame to have a distressed white paint look.


  2. I used white acrylic paint and dabbed it along the wooden frame, layering it until I was happy with how it looked. I used a sponge painting tool to make this step easier.


  3. Now that your frame is ready, you want to make sure the shells you are using have all been cleaned and thoroughly dried because this will affect how well the shells will stick.


  4. You can plan out how you want the shells to be arranged but I just went for it! I decided that I wanted most of the bigger shells in the corners of the frame.


  5. Now using your glue gun start to glue the shells down in place. The hot glue gun is a great tool to use because the glue is a lot more permanent than others like PVA.


  6. Once you are happy that your frame is full, leave it to cool, find a photo and then display it with pride!

I hope you enjoyed making this easy sea-themed DIY! A great way to keep summer going even when the weather is changing! If you have a go don’t forget to send me your makes on twitter @aBoxofButtons and instagram @hann_lloyd. See you next week! – H

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