Seasonal Projects

Halloween Oreo and Smartie Bark

Halloween is fast approaching! Need some snack ideas for your Halloween get to together? Try this Oreo and Smartie bark, guaranteed to keep them coming back for more! What you’ll need: Dish or tray (I used a small but deep ceramic dish) 200g white chocolate Oreo’s Orange Smarties Clingfilm . Our first step is to… Continue reading Halloween Oreo and Smartie Bark

Seasonal Projects

Halloween Oreo Pumpkin Pops

Welcome to Part 2 of my Halloween series. Missed Part 1? Take a look here – Halloween Treat Holders. Want to add an extra snack to your Halloween party? Have a go at making our Pumpkin Oreo Pops! A fun and easy bake that everyone can join in with! What we’ll need: Oreos or any… Continue reading Halloween Oreo Pumpkin Pops

Seasonal Projects

Halloween Pumpkin Treat Holders

Ready for Halloween? Add extra scare to your Halloween party with these DIY pumpkin treat holders! Such a fun and easy DIY with great results all round! Join me for Part 1 of my Halloween DIY series. Here’s what you’ll need: Orange Wool Small balloons PVA glue Green, black and brown felt Scissors Small pot… Continue reading Halloween Pumpkin Treat Holders

Small Projects

Marbled Mug

Have a plain, boring mug? Want to make it look more exciting and cool? Or need a quick DIY gift for someone’s birthday? Try making this easy and fun marbled mug! What you’ll need: A plain white mug A disposable bowl Nail varnish (I used two different colours) A medium sized jug of room temperature… Continue reading Marbled Mug


Folder Clasp

Back to school? Been working so much that all your papers don’t lie flat in your folders? Why not make an easy folder clasp to keep your folders neat and tidy! This project is so quick and simple to do! Let’s get started! What you’ll need: 1 full folder 1 large button A small piece… Continue reading Folder Clasp