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Bonfire Night Layered Dessert


Hello and welcome back to my blog! Thank you to everyone who tuned in to my Halloween series. You can have a look here if you missed it – Halloween!

This weekend is Bonfire Night in the UK so to celebrate we’ll be making a themed layered dessert to keep us warm whilst we’re watching the fireworks!

What you’ll need:2016-11-02-12-17-31

  • A glass jar (or many if you’re feeding more like me!)

  • A large chocolate swiss roll

  • Fudge Icing (you can use shop bought or mine. Here’s my recipe – Fudge Icing)

To decorate:2016-11-02-12-25-18

  • Cream/Ice Cream

  • Brown, Red, Orange and Yellow Crispy M&M’s

  • Mint Matchmakers

  • Sprinkles

  • Small Sparklers


  1. To begin with, make sure your jar(s) are clean and ready to use!


  2. Slice your swiss roll into roughly 1” pieces.


  3. Place a piece of sponge down the bottom of the jar and top with the fudge icing.

  4. To add some crunch, I also crushed up some M&M’s and sprinkled them on the icing.


  5. Now we just have to repeat this step until the jar is full!

  6. The dessert can be eaten like it is or for extra warmth when watching the fireworks, heat it up in the microwave for 30 seconds (just make sure your jar is microwave safe!)


  7. To finish off, add either cream or ice cream to the top and sprinkle with all the decorations! I’ve popped a few matchmakers in the top and a small sparkler!


I hope you enjoy making this layered dessert! If you have a go don’t forget to send me your makes on twitter @aBoxofButtons and instagram @hann_lloyd. See you next week!

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