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Strawberry Flower Biscuits

2017-03-09 12.48.34

Flowers are out in bloom and to celebrate the warmer weather I’m sharing with you this recipe to make flower shaped biscuits!

What you’ll need:2017-03-09 11.17.49

  • Sandwich style biscuits (I used strawberry shortcake ones)

  • White chocolate buttons

  • Strawberry laces

  • White chocolate buttons with sprinkles

  1. Firstly take your strawberry laces and cut them up roughly into 1” pieces. In a small bowl melt down some white chocolate buttons, this will act as our glue. I melted my chocolate in the microwave in 10-second bursts, stirring in between.

  2. Dab some of the melted white chocolate along the edge of the biscuit. Bend a piece of strawberry lace into a half moon and position this into the white chocolate, this will form a petal. It should look something like this:

  3. Continue this step all around the biscuit and chill them in the fridge until they are set in place. I sped mine up a bit by using the freezer in short bursts. Glueing in the petals can be a little fiddly but keep with it, it’ll be worth it!

  4. When the petals are all set in place, take the biscuits out of the fridge and using the leftover melted chocolate, glue on a plain white button and then a multi-coloured sprinkled button on top of that.

And you’re done! You pop them in the fridge for a bit after to make sure they’re all set or you can serve them straight away. Mine didn’t last very long! This is a create DIY to get the kids involved with too! I hope you enjoy making and eating these biscuits!

2017-03-09 11.53.02

If you have a go, don’t forget to send me your makes on twitter @aBoxofButtons and instagram @hann_lloyd. See you next week!

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