Small Projects

Button Corkboard Pins

2017-05-21 13.40.59Welcome back, everyone! This week I’ll be showing you a really quick and easy way to organise your pin board with style!

What you’ll need:2017-05-21 13.02.56

  • Assorted buttons

  • Drawing pins

  • Hot glue gun




  1. This tutorial is such a quick DIY, it took me roughly 10 minutes to make! I’ve chosen a mixture of white and blue buttons to match my cork boards from last weeks blog post.

    2017-05-21 13.07.44

  2. Lay out your buttons onto a flat work surface and using a hot glue gun, dab a pea-sized amount of glue onto the centre of the buttons.

    2017-05-21 13.16.27

  3. Taking the drawing pins rounded end up, push the pins onto the glue and leave to dry for a couple of minutes.

    2017-05-21 13.16.35

  4. Once the glue has dried fully and the pin feels firmly glued onto the button, you can use them! I got too carried away and didn’t wait long enough so one of my buttons fell off. However, I just glued it back on!

    2017-05-21 13.20.38

And there you have it! Your own personal corkboard pins! You can really make these unique to you depending on what buttons you choose! Also, they don’t have to be buttons, you can stick whatever you like onto the drawing pins!

2017-05-21 13.14.26

If you have a go, don’t forget to send me your makes on twitter @aBoxofButtons and instagram@hann_lloyd. See you next week!

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