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Mini Egg Cookies

This week I decided to give the Mini Egg NYC Cookies by Janes Patisserie a go and they definitely did not disappoint!

These cookies were everything I expected them to be, soft and gooey in the middle but a crunchy and golden edge. The recipe says the mixture makes 8 but I managed to get 16 decent sized cookies out of it. I used slightly fewer mini eggs as well as I bought 2 bags (90g each) instead of the recommended 250g.

I decided to freeze most of the cookies because I love having cookies on standby for when I’m craving one! So, to cook them from frozen, I baked them at 170°C for roughly 11-12 minutes and they turned out exactly the same as when I made them fresh.

I will definitely be making these again especially at Easter! For the full recipe – Click Here

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