Small Projects

  1. Felt Money Pouch

  2. Folder Dividers

  3. Felt Whiteboard Pen Holder

  4. Journal Pen Holder

  5. Butterfly Hairclip

  6. DIY Exfoliating Lip Scrub

  7. Pink Polka Dot Hair Bow

  8. Upcycled Bobby Pins

  9. Fabric Covered Notebook

  10. Fabric Cup Coasters

Big Projects

  1. Up-cycled Denim Bag Part 1

  2. Up-cycled Denim Bag Part 2

  3. Up-cycled Dresser

Baking Projects:

  1. Mini Pink and White Donuts

Seasonal Projects

  1. Halloween Pumpkin Pin Cushion

  2. Halloween Ghost Cake Pops

  3. Valentine’s Chocolate Lollipops

  4. Valentine’s Surprise Cupcakes

  5. White Chocolate and Yoghurt Easter Egg

  6. Easter Meringue Nests

  7. Easter Egg Basket

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