Small Projects

Elasticated Headband

Need a new hair accessory? Want to make your own? Then follow this easy tutorial on how to make your very own elasticated headband! What you'll need: One fat quarter of your chosen fabric (I used two fat quarters because I wanted a different pattern to make it reversible)Paper pattern/template15cm of thick elasticFabric shearsPencilScissorsPins Let's… Continue reading Elasticated Headband

Bakes, Small Treats

Strawberry Pavlova Ice Cream

Hello! Welcome back! It's been a little while but I have some great DIY's and bakes to share with you! This week, I'll be sharing an easy strawberry ice cream that is perfect for the hot weather we're currently having here in the UK. Here's what you'll need to get started: Equipment: Ice cream machineBlender… Continue reading Strawberry Pavlova Ice Cream


7 Months of Blogging

Hello! This blog post is going to be a little different from my usual posts because I have some exciting news to tell you! Firstly, I have now been blogging for 7 months and am thoroughly enjoying it! To be honest, I've always struggled with writing especially during school but blogging is just so very… Continue reading 7 Months of Blogging

Bakes, Chocolate, Cupcakes

Marshmallow Cupcakes

Hello! Welcome back to a Box of Buttons! This week I'll be sharing this very easy and tasty recipe with you! These cupcakes are the perfect treat if you have a sweet tooth like me! ~ Makes 8 large cupcakes ~ Ingredients you'll need: 125g unsalted butter 115g caster sugar2 eggs1 tbsp milk130g gluten free… Continue reading Marshmallow Cupcakes

Small Projects

Denim Pocket Organisers

Hello! Welcome back to another DIY blog post! This week we'll be making small wall organisers made from an old pair of jeans. What we'll need: Denim jeansEmbroidery hoop - I used a 7" hoopFabric shearsGlue gun/needle and thread . Let's get started! Spread out your jeans on a flat surface and place the inside… Continue reading Denim Pocket Organisers

Bakes, Brownies

Gluten Free Brownies

Hello! Welcome back! This week I'll be sharing my recipe for gluten free brownies. Don't worry gluten eaters, you can make these too, simply by using normal plain flour in substitute! ~ Makes 12 brownies ~ Here's what you'll need for the brownies: 55g unsalted butter125g caster sugar 1 large egg70g plain gluten free flour… Continue reading Gluten Free Brownies

Small Projects

Ombre Candles

Bored of having plain white candles? Why not make your own ombré style mini candles! What you'll need: Paraffin wax - I used 4 plain white candlesTwo small heat resistant glass jars - I used two small jam jarsCrayons for colour - I've used three different coloured crayonsCandle wicksClean tin canHeavy based saucepanHeat proof mat… Continue reading Ombre Candles

Easter, Seasonal Projects

Easter Bath Bombs

Want to create a gift for someone this Easter without the chocolate? Why not give these easy bath bombs a go! Welcome back to my blog for another Easter themed project! Let's get straight to it! ~ Makes 5 bath bombs ~ What we'll need: 1 cup bicarbonate soda1/2 cup citric acid4 drops vanilla essential… Continue reading Easter Bath Bombs

Easter, Seasonal Projects

Easter Egg Basket

Planning an Easter egg hunt? Make this cute fabric basket as a great way to hold all of your treats! What we'll need: Rope/cord 15 metresFabric - I've used five different pastel shades of cotton polka dot, roughly a fat quatre of eachFabric shearsSewing machine - not necessary but it speeds up the processThreadHot glue… Continue reading Easter Egg Basket

Easter, Seasonal Projects, Small Treats

Easter Meringue Nests

Welcome back for another Easter bake! This week we'll be making Easter nests but with a slight difference! ~ Makes 12 meringue nests ~ ~ Bake time: 3 ½ hours ~ For the meringue: 4 egg whites200g caster sugar5g cocoa powder For the ganache: 100g double cream120g plain/milk chocolateMini eggs to decorate Let's get started!… Continue reading Easter Meringue Nests