Bakes, Chocolate, Small Treats

Button Peppermint Creams

Welcome back! Want to make a sewing themed gift for a special someone but also want it to be edible? Look no further! Try our button shaped peppermint creams. What we'll need: 350g icing sugar1 egg white1 tsp peppermint extractGreen food colouring150g dark chocolate1 large button (to make the imprint) Let's get started! In a… Continue reading Button Peppermint Creams

Small Projects

Button Corkboard Pins

Welcome back, everyone! This week I'll be showing you a really quick and easy way to organise your pin board with style! What you'll need: Assorted buttonsDrawing pinsHot glue gun Let's get started! This tutorial is such a quick DIY, it took me roughly 10 minutes to make! I've chosen a mixture of white and… Continue reading Button Corkboard Pins


Folder Clasp

Back to school? Been working so much that all your papers don't lie flat in your folders? Why not make an easy folder clasp to keep your folders neat and tidy! This project is so quick and simple to do! Let's get started! What you'll need: 1 folder1 large buttonA small piece of cord elastic… Continue reading Folder Clasp

Small Projects

Upcycled Bobby Pins

Keep finding bobby pins around the house? Well here's some easy DIY's that'll make you want to keep hold of them! Flower Hair Pin Here's what you'll need to get started: Bobby pinsSmall scraps of feltSewing needleThreadButtonsFabric shears (normal scissors will work just as well)Glue gun Let's get started with the flower pins. Cut a… Continue reading Upcycled Bobby Pins

Big Projects

Up-cycled Denim Bag – Part 2

Welcome back for Part 2! If you haven't already seen Part 1 click here! For this part you'll need the following: All of your bag piecesPocketsTwo strap piecesPinsTape measureThreadBobbinButtonButtonhole presser foot (If you don't have this accessory for your sewing machine, I do have a hand-stitched buttonhole tutorial! The first step is to attach our… Continue reading Up-cycled Denim Bag – Part 2

Big Projects

Up-cycled Denim Bag – Part 1

Have an old pair of jeans? Or have a pair that you just don't wear anymore? Well why not turn them into a handy little bag! What you'll need to get started: Pattern drafting paperRulerPencilProtractor (This isn't necessary, it just makes your pattern more accurate)ScissorsIronHemming tape (Not necessary, just adds strength)Fabric shearsPins The first step… Continue reading Up-cycled Denim Bag – Part 1


Stitching On A Button

Unsure how to stitch on a button? Then look no further! My tutorial will show you how to do a crossover button stitch. What you'll need: FabricNeedleThreadButton . . Let's get started! First we need to double up a piece of thread and knot the end so it doesn't just go through the fabric. Once… Continue reading Stitching On A Button


Hand-Stitched Buttonhole

What you'll need: A piece of fabricA needleA buttonFabric marker or chalk Scissors For this little tutorial I have just used a scrap piece of calico fabric to demonstrate. However, you can practice this technique or stitch straight onto the fabric you will be using. The first step we need to take is to decide… Continue reading Hand-Stitched Buttonhole

Small Projects

Handmade Felt Money Pouch

So the first little project I'm going to share with you is a handmade felt money pouch. These work great as presents but they also work as a handy and safe little pocket for you to keep your money in. You can really make this project personal to yourself or who ever you are making… Continue reading Handmade Felt Money Pouch