Christmas, Seasonal Projects

DIY Christmas Advent Candle

Hello! Welcome back! Time to get into the Christmas spirit! And what better way to get started? Can't find an advent candle you like? Or want to shake up the original? Try this easy DIY to create your own! What you'll need: 1 tapered candle/stick candle1 piece of A4 paper1 piece of white tissue paper… Continue reading DIY Christmas Advent Candle

Small Projects

Ombre Candles

Bored of having plain white candles? Why not make your own ombré style mini candles! What you'll need: Paraffin wax - I used 4 plain white candlesTwo small heat resistant glass jars - I used two small jam jarsCrayons for colour - I've used three different coloured crayonsCandle wicksClean tin canHeavy based saucepanHeat proof mat… Continue reading Ombre Candles