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Christmas Tree Tear and Share Pastry

Looking for a recipe that'll wow your guests over the Christmas period? Have a go at making this Christmas Tree Tear and Share Pastry, not only does it look good, it tastes amazing! What you'll need: 1 pack of puff pastry Nutella Chocolate chips 1 egg yolk Icing sugar Let's get started! Pre-heat the oven… Continue reading Christmas Tree Tear and Share Pastry

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Festive Clay Ornaments

Fancy making your own Christmas decorations this year? I loved making these ones! What you'll need: Air Drying Clay Cookie Cutters Paint Glitter and PVA glue String/Ribbon Lace Let's get started! To begin with, roll out the clay onto a mat until it's roughly the thickness of a £1 coin. How much clay you use… Continue reading Festive Clay Ornaments

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Tulle Christmas Tree Skirt

Want to make your own Tree Skirt? Look no further! Have a go at making our sparkly and fluffy tulle skirt! What you'll need: Tulle Fabric (mine was in strips of 2 metres x 15cm)RibbonWhite cotton stringNeedle ScissorsGlue gun Let's get started! The first thing we want to do is measure around the bottom of… Continue reading Tulle Christmas Tree Skirt

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Surprise Christmas Baubles

Starting to get in the Christmas Spirit? The big day is just around the corner! Why not make these cute baubles for your Christmas tree? This project is very similar to the Pumpkin Treat Holders so if you like this project you might want to check them out too! What we'll need: WoolPVA glueSmall balloons… Continue reading Surprise Christmas Baubles