Small Projects

Fabric Cup Coasters

Fancy personalising your room that little bit more? Why not make your own completely unique cup coasters? Here's what you'll need to get started: Fabric (I've used three different ones: felt and cotton)Circle template (diametre of 12cm)Fabric shearsCottonBobbinNeedleSewing machine Our first step is to cut out all of our fabric pieces. I will be making… Continue reading Fabric Cup Coasters

Small Projects

Upcycled Bobby Pins

Keep finding bobby pins around the house? Well here's some easy DIY's that'll make you want to keep hold of them! Flower Hair Pin Here's what you'll need to get started: Bobby pinsSmall scraps of feltSewing needleThreadButtonsFabric shears (normal scissors will work just as well)Glue gun Let's get started with the flower pins. Cut a… Continue reading Upcycled Bobby Pins

Halloween, Seasonal Projects

Halloween Pumpkin Pin Cushion

Ready for some Halloween DIY? Let's get started on the pumpkin pin cushion! Here's what you'll need to get started on the pattern: Piece of A4 paperRulerCompassPencilScissors . . Firstly take hold of your compass and pencil. Set the difference between the point on the compass and the pencil point to 7.5cm. Then draw a… Continue reading Halloween Pumpkin Pin Cushion

Small Projects

Felt Whiteboard Pen Holder

Fed up of hunting around the house for your whiteboard pens? Keep them all organised and close to your board with this handy little holder that you can hang on the wall! Here's what you'll need to get started: FeltNeedleThreadFabric shearsPinsPattern drafting paperWhiteboard pens To make the template for the whiteboard pen holder, we will… Continue reading Felt Whiteboard Pen Holder


The Blanket Stitch

Here's what you'll need to get started on the blanket stitch: Fabric (I'll be using felt)A needleThreadPins Scissors     The first step we will do is to pin together our fabrics. I have used acrylic felt for this demonstration but you can use the fabric of your choice. With you needle and thread in… Continue reading The Blanket Stitch

Small Projects

Handmade Felt Money Pouch

So the first little project I'm going to share with you is a handmade felt money pouch. These work great as presents but they also work as a handy and safe little pocket for you to keep your money in. You can really make this project personal to yourself or who ever you are making… Continue reading Handmade Felt Money Pouch