Seasonal Projects

Halloween Oreo and Smartie Bark

Halloween is fast approaching! Need some snack ideas for your Halloween get to together? Try this Oreo and Smartie bark, guaranteed to keep them coming back for more! What you’ll need: Dish or tray (I used a small but deep ceramic dish) 200g white chocolate Oreo’s Orange Smarties Clingfilm . Our first step is to… Continue reading Halloween Oreo and Smartie Bark

Small Projects

Marbled Mug

Have a plain, boring mug? Want to make it look more exciting and cool? Or need a quick DIY gift for someone’s birthday? Try making this easy and fun marbled mug! What you’ll need: A plain white mug A disposable bowl Nail varnish (I used two different colours) A medium sized jug of room temperature… Continue reading Marbled Mug


Folder Clasp

Back to school? Been working so much that all your papers don’t lie flat in your folders? Why not make an easy folder clasp to keep your folders neat and tidy! This project is so quick and simple to do! Let’s get started! What you’ll need: 1 full folder 1 large button A small piece… Continue reading Folder Clasp

Small Projects

Seashell Photoframe

Now that summer is over and visits to the beach will become less frequent, why not savour your summer memories by making this really easy and fun DIY seashell photoframe? The perfect excuse to collect shells! What you’ll need: 1 photoframe Glue gun or strong glue Seashells Paint (optional) . . Our first step is… Continue reading Seashell Photoframe

Small Projects

Elasticated Headband

Need a new hair accessory? Want to make your own? Then follow this easy tutorial on how to make your very own elasticated headband! What you’ll need: One fat quarter of your chosen fabric (I used two fat quarters because I wanted a different pattern to make it reversible) Paper pattern/template 15cm of thick elastic… Continue reading Elasticated Headband

Baking Projects

Marshmallow Cupcakes

Hello! Welcome back to a Box of Buttons! This week I’ll be sharing this very easy and tasty recipe with you! These cupcakes are the perfect treat if you have a sweet tooth like me! ~Makes 8 large cupcakes~ Ingredients you’ll need: 125g Butter (½ cup) 115g Caster sugar (2/3 cup) 2 Eggs 1 tbsp… Continue reading Marshmallow Cupcakes

Small Projects

Denim Pocket Organisers

Hello! Welcome back to another DIY blog post! This week we’ll be making small wall organisers made from an old pair of jeans. . What we’ll need: Denim Jeans Embroidery Hoop (I used a 7” hoop) Fabric Shears Glue gun/needle and thread . . Let’s get started! Spread out your jeans on a flat surface… Continue reading Denim Pocket Organisers