Folder Clasp

Back to school? Been working so much that all your papers don't lie flat in your folders? Why not make an easy folder clasp to keep your folders neat and tidy! This project is so quick and simple to do! Let's get started! What you'll need: 1 folder1 large buttonA small piece of cord elastic… Continue reading Folder Clasp

Small Projects

Fabric Covered Notebook

Finding your notebook uninspiring? Kick start your imagination with a little bit of fabric! We are going to re-cover a journal! What you'll need: NotebookFabric (enough so there is 2cm left around all of the edge of the notebook)Fabric shearsPVA gluePaint brush . Our first step is to choose our fabric! The fabric I have… Continue reading Fabric Covered Notebook

Small Projects

Journal Pen Holder

Want to keep your pen close to your diary? You now can with this easy DIY pen holder! What you'll need to get started: Cotton fabric Elastic (if you don't have elastic, ribbon works quite nicely too)Sewing machine (don't worry if you don't have one, this project can be sewn by hand!)BobbinThreadPinsFabric shearsA penA piece… Continue reading Journal Pen Holder

Small Projects

Easy DIY Folder Dividers

Back to school? Need to organise your work? Jazz up your folder with these quick and easy to make folder dividers! What you'll need for this project: A4 coloured cardHole punchShoelacesPencilRulerGlue stickScissorsA5 folder Okay, so let's get started! Fold your coloured card in half horizontally (I chose pink and blue card for mine) and draw… Continue reading Easy DIY Folder Dividers