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Mini Egg Cookies

This week I decided to give the Mini Egg NYC Cookies by Janes Patisserie a go and they definitely did not disappoint! These cookies were everything I expected them to be, soft and gooey in the middle but a crunchy and golden edge. The recipe says the mixture makes 8 but I managed to get… Continue reading Mini Egg Cookies

Easter, Seasonal Projects, Small Treats

Easter Meringue Nests

Welcome back for another Easter bake! This week we'll be making Easter nests but with a slight difference! ~ Makes 12 meringue nests ~ ~ Bake time: 3 ½ hours ~ For the meringue: 4 egg whites200g caster sugar5g cocoa powder For the ganache: 100g double cream120g plain/milk chocolateMini eggs to decorate Let's get started!… Continue reading Easter Meringue Nests